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Edward Elgar - The Apostles 

Orchestra of London with John Padley organ, conductor Ben Gunner  

Susan Piggott soprano, Catherine Denley contralto, Adrian Thompson tenor, Stephen Roberts bass, Michael Pearce bass, Ben Bevan bass


The Apostles

Sir Edward Elgar


       PART 1

  1.  Prologue                                                              Chorus "The spirit of the Lord is upon  me"                                                                             

  2.  I  The Calling of the Apostles                            Tenor recit "And it came to pass in those times"

        In the Mountain – Night                                                   Soprano - The Angel Gabriel  "The voice of Thy Watchman"                 The Dawn

        Chorus, Alto & Tenor (Watchers of the Temple roof) "It shines!"               Morning Psalm

        Chorus "It is a good thing to give thanks unto the Lord"

           Tenor recit "And when it was day He called unto Him His disciples"

           Chorus "The Lord hath chosen them to stand before Him"

           Soli - John Peter and Judas "We are the servants of the Lord"

           Solo - The Angel Gabriel "Thy watchman shall lift up the voice"


 3.   II  By the Wayside

       Solo - Jesus "Blessed are the poor in spirit"

          Soli - The Virgin Mary, John, Peter and Judas

                   "He setteth the poor on high from affliction"

           Chorus  "Weeping may endure for a night"                                                           

 4.   III  By the Sea of Galilee

         Tenor recit "And straightway Jesus constrained His disciples"

       In the Tower of Magdala


       In Caesarea Philipi
       In Capernaum.                                                                                                                                            PART 2                                                     

  1. The Betrayal                                                                      The Betrayal

     In Gethsemane

     In the Palace of the High  Priest                                  The Temple

     Without the Temple                                                    

  2. Golgotha                                                                      

  3. At the Sepulchre                                                          

  4. The Ascension

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